After our epic journey from Bariloche to Rio Gallegos, we still had another 12 hour bus journey until our final destination, Ushuaia. Since Argentina and Chile share Tierra del Fuego, where Ushuaia sits, the trip involves passing out of Argentina, crossing the border into Chile, then coming back the other way again – a total of four passport controls plus the usual police check points at either end. Oh and just to add to the fun there’s also a ferry crossing to boot. So as well as being a rather long journey, it’s also rather tedious, having to get on and off the bus a lot, plus the scenery’s not much to speak of, except for our first llama sightings and several herds of sheep.

The end of the Americas

Ushuaia is pretty much as far south as you can go in South America and is the jumping off point for those lucky enough (and rich enough) to be heading on to Antarctica. Some people seem to baulk at the idea of heading down to Ushuaia outside of the December to March high season but to be honest I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about. Sure, it’s pretty chilly, More >