Tupiza is a small town with about 20,000 residents and sits at 3000m. There is not a lot here, at all. There is however,strangely, about six Italian restaurants, all with exactly the same décor and exactly the same menu. We struggled to find anything but pizza.



The main draw here are a few specialised tours, the first being horse riding. The surrounding countryside is straight from a spaghetti western – red canyons and cacti-filled valleys are the norm. Reputedly this is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid finally met their maker thanks to the Bolivian army. We are going to get our cowboy on, in a butch gruff kinda way. Think John Wayne, not the village people. Back in Brazil we had our first experience of horse riding in the Pantanal and although the location was most definitely authentic at the time it felt like the horses were on a rail, no end of shouting and kicking would make them steer off their well-trodden paths. Promised the real deal, we sign up to go out for five hours, just the two of us and a guide. At £3.50 an hour each, it’s a bargain with Tupiza Tours, although we ignore More >