Not dog of the month

We are still ignoring all advice and getting night buses, firstly because as they are still comfortable and we’ve had no problems with security, secondly it saves us a bunch of cash on accommodation. I’m sure as we head into Ecuador and Colombia this will stop – journeys will become shorter but also we will have to be a little more careful. We have heard many stories of robberies on buses although these also tend to be thrown around by the same backpackers who seem to get flights everywhere.

Our time in Peru is almost up and Trujillo is our first visit to the Pacific coast. I’m going to miss Peru – aside from Lima and Cusco, you only have to go a few miles out of any town and it feels like a million. Hours spent with my face glued to a bus window watching local village life fly past have become my favourite pastime (Leah usually asleep next to me).

Our arrival in town didn’t start well. Half asleep, we remove ourselves from the bus around 5am and quickly find a taxi. We are actually staying in Huanchaca, a surfer town about 15 minutes’ drive away. More >