Tena is a small, quiet town in the Amazon rainforest worth visiting if only for the trip on the bus. The views are stunning. We are only here for two days, a chance for us to break up the trip en route to our volunteering and also to try a bit of white water rafting!

The place is quiet, maybe it’s the time of year, and we had to get someone to find the owner of our hostel to open up for us. We felt a bit guilty as he was in a local restaurant having dinner! Tena is also hot, it’s rainforest after all, but cooler than the jungle we have visited recently. We arrived to watch an incredible storm in the distance, constantly lighting up the sky.

Town centre

We learned that only two weeks ago, after a three month drought and three days of rain, the local river overflowed into the streets. A few indigenous people who were living in basic huts on the banks outside of town died as a result. In response, the local mayor ordered the river banks to be dug up and a wall constructed, without any planning or investigation into its effect. From our hostel More >