Nothing says ‘back on the road’ more than a 21 hour bus journey. It’s a long way from Buenos Aires to Salta but after a short and sad farewell to our home for the past two months, we’re on our way.

Dog of the month

Buses in Argentina are legendary amongst backpackers. Although they are expensive compared to other countries in South America, they are by far the most luxurious. Ticket prices appear to be fixed between different companies, with exactly the same rates no matter who you travel with. There are several classes you can choose from, depending on the journey:

  • Commune Air – basic bus, cheap and cheerful, not recommended for long travel
  • Semi-cama – better than most buses back in the UK, long trips will come with food and drink, movies, and sometimes even a game of bingo (Andesmar only)
  • Cama or Executivo – the seats in these buses recline to make sleeping almost comfortable, buses usually come with a hot meal, wine and maybe even a glass of whiskey or champagne before bedtime – really!
  • Cama VIP/1st Class –think business class airplane seats (flatbed); steaks, wine and personal movies are standard

Bus seats - 21hrs on a bus is not all bad

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