We are only in Rosario for a few days. The plan is to shop for some new clothes that have disintegrated after four months and to work on the details of our travel plans for the next few months. Rosario is a huge culture change from Brazil, it feels remarkably more laid back, and we also feel far more comfortable walking around late at night. I’m not saying Brazil was unsafe, but you just have less eyes on your back here. Our destination hostel kind of conned us into a private en-suite room where the bathroom was not actually en-suite so we check out after a few hours and find a much better and cheaper place in the centre of town – Casa de Don Jaime 2. Not much to talk about here, we have a relaxing few days, wandering around town, however we did learn one important lesson with Argentinian restaurants – beware the house speciality or house BBQ.



We were sitting patiently with our ridiculously cheap bottle of wine for a legendary Argentinian steak only to be presented with a board with brain, kidneys, stomach, large and small intestine and all the other bits you would normally give More >