We only plan to spend a few days in Costa Rica, firstly because it’s expensive and secondly because it’s quite developed. Costa Rica is very much a tourist destination these days, package tours from Europe are common and with that comes the infrastructure that we have found ourselves avoiding on our trip (well most of the time) – McDonalds, coffee shops and pizza joints aplenty. This trip is about feeling a little lost and getting deep into new countries and cultures not usually possible with a two week break from the office. Perhaps we will come back here at some point to fine dine and sip margaritas, but not this time. So this whistle-stop tour includes just a beach town for three days to break up our trip to Nicaragua. There was a plan to visit a volcano, but we didn’t go, it’s not particularly active at the moment, and I wanted to see lava!

Puerto Viejo is very much on the tourist map but it’s not so over developed that it feels spoilt. The town itself sits along miles of perfect beach and it’s a haven for surfers, luckily there are not many in town though, they can be strange More >