Although Sucre is officially at altitude, at over 4000m above sea level, Potosi is our first real test. Luckily, we don’t seem to suffer TOO badly, with only a mild headache to speak of, although every morning when we wake up our lips are dry and cracked and Rich has a little trouble sleeping, waking up gasping every now and then. Still, it’s nothing like the migraine-like pain or vomiting we’ve heard stories of. Thank God.


Apart from it being the highest city in the world, the reason most people come to Potosi is to pay a visit to the mines. As the Lonely Planet will tell you, this is a unique experience but not for everybody and certainly to be approached with caution. Millions of workers have died in the mines. There are all manner of harmful chemicals, including asbestos, down there (although limited exposure won’t do you any harm) and some of the tunnels can get very hot and are a pretty tight squeeze. Most of the people we speak to who have been on the tour say that whilst they are really glad they did it, they didn’t altogether enjoy it at the time and certainly wouldn’t ever More >