I’d not really heard about the Pantanal until we set off on this trip. For those who are as in the dark as I was, it’s a huge wetland (swamp or bog to me and you) created from the run off from the Planalto highlands, about the same size as England! A bucket load of animal and birdlife have made this place their home and that’s what we’ve come to see. The problem is we’ve come at the wettest and worst time of the year. So fingers crossed.

The gateway to the Pantanal, when arriving from southern Brazil, is a town called Campo Grande. There is not a whole lot to do, although, apparently, the night-life is pumping if you can find it. We decide not to stay at the tourist hostel near the bus station and book a local place in the centre of town. As is often the case on our travels it starts raining like fury, and within a few minutes the streets around central Campo Grande are flooded. Grabbing some street snacks we bolt to our room, catch up on some sleep and treat ourselves to a healthly dose of Family Guy on the laptop.

The Pantanal

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