After an eight hour bus journey from Guayaquil, we arrived at the bus terminal in Quito and hopped in a cab to our hostel. We’ve heard mixed reviews about the city – some say it’s a colonial delight, others warn about the risk of being robbed – but we’re here for a week or so whilst we visit various sights in the surrounding area as well as exploring the city’s own offerings.

We’re staying in a lovely colonial town house in the upmarket ‘La Floresta’ area, a ten minute walk from the busy ‘La Mariscal’ or ‘Gringolandia’ as the locals like to call it. Although it’s a hostel, it feels more like a homestay – we are sharing the bathroom with the owners and have to walk through their kitchen to get to ours. It’s strange at first, but after a few days it’s like a home from home.

Our first trip out of town is north to the Sunday market at Otavalo. Although we’ve been to our fair share of markets, we’d heard that it’s supposed to be one of the best, so we decided to check it out. Whilst some people stay overnight, or visit on one of the ridiculously More >