We loved Mindo.  Just a two hour local bus from Quito through stunning mountains and we are deposited into a tiny town deep within Ecuadorian cloud forest. I think we will come to prefer the cloud forest to the jungle, it’s essentially a tropical jungle with persistent cloud cover, making the place rather wet yet very green.


We had a hostel to ourselves about 5 minutes’ walk from town, a wooden chalet type place with hammocks and an incredible jungle garden out back, with hundreds of humming birds feeding throughout the day. We arrived late at night and the noise from the nearby jungle was incredible. Our room was fairly bug free, but outside insects of all types were circling, smelling fresh meat. We are getting used to being eaten by all manner of things on our trip and sitting in hammock outsides we casually pointed out things crawling and flying around us. It’s only a couple of weeks until we spend some time in the jungle so we have to get used to this.

Dog of the month ( it’s been a while )

75% fleas, 25% dog

Everybody gets up early in Mindo – 6 am is the norm. This place More >