Getting off the bus at 6am we can tell we are making our way towards the equator as it’s fantastically warm. A short mototaxi ride and 100m climb and we arrive at a very quiet home for just the next three days – Kontiki Bungalows. We have splashed out a bit and have our own bungalow, complete with thatched roof, perched on the hill overlooking the small beach town of Mancora.

Our home in Mancora

On our travels, Mancora has frequently been recommended. Stories of a so-laid back it’s horizontal atmosphere, year round sun and surf made this our choice to say farewell to Peru. The border to Ecuador is only a few hours away so this is our chance to try all the weird and wonderful local dishes we have missed so far and top up our tans.

By midday the skies are clear blue and temperatures are hitting 30c. With only the beach on our mind, we scramble together a beach kit and spend the next four hours on the sand, watching surfers and sipping Cusquena (the best Peruvian beer). Looking out to sea, we also spot our first humpback whales breaching and jumping in the distance, they must be a More >