Next stop after a couple of days in Vientiane was Luang Prabang, which is reached via a 10 hour (although they will tell you it’s eight) bus journey, twisting and turning through the hills, clinging onto your seat as the driver overtakes other vehicles with a sheer drop of 1000m mere inches away. Not a journey we would recommend taking at night not only for safety’s sake but also because the scenery is breathtaking and well worth seeing. We’d show you some videos but alas, they were lost in the laptop incident.

Luang Prabang scenery

Luang Prabang is a very cute little town full of French influence. You don’t come for any particularly noteworthy sights, but more just to soak up the atmosphere, lounge in the cute cafes and bars and browse the very large (but somewhat repetitive) night market.

There are the usual trekking and elephant camp tours on offer but since we’d already acquainted ourselves with the animals in Chiang Mai we decided to see some local sights instead and picked a full day tour of the surrounding area. We spent the morning on a slow boat up the Mekong to the Pak Ou caves, which are full of hundreds of More >