Leaving Puerto Viejo at around 9am we had a short five hour bus journey to the capital San Jose. All reports we’d heard were that it’s a bit of a dump and not the best place to spend a night out. Our plan was to book a bus as soon as arriving onward to the Nicaragua capital Managua.  Unfortunately, because of the holiday season all buses were booked. Nicaraguan migrant workers are all heading home for Christmas so we ended up on the 7am bus the following day.  This did however give us a chance to try and buy a new cheapo camera to keep us going until the end of the holiday. Turns out Latin Americans get a bit of a rough deal when it comes to cameras. All the models on display are at least two years old (compared to the US and UK market) and are at least twice the cost as the same model back home. Maybe it’s a bit of unfair price fixing, maybe it’s a huge import tax. Anyway, we couldn’t find one so gave up and kept our fingers crossed for Managua.

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