After Christmas on Koh Lanta it was off to Koh Phangan for New Year. Lanta is off the West coast of Thailand whilst Phangan is on the East so to get there we would have to cross the mainland and then take the ferry, a journey which should take around six hours. However, after being transferred from minivan to pick-up truck to bus to restaurant to bus to ferry we ended up spending a whopping 13 hours on the road, despite insisting when we booked the trip that we wanted minivan all the way. When they make you change buses then wait at a restaurant for two hours when you are only an hour away from the ferry you start to feel like you are being a little bit ripped off. Richard’s done the route before and says it’s notoriously bad but unfortunately we didn’t have much choice – the alternative is to hire a private taxi but when you are on a budget it’s not really an option. If you’re in a large group and looking to head East-West or vice-versa we would advise grouping together and getting a private minivan, it should only take three hours. Also, you More >