The infamous Phi Phi is a favourite amongst decades of backpackers – Rich first came here back in 1999. It offers turquoise warm waters, white powder sand and that small island feeling. It’s a one hour’s ferry from Railay, and a long-tail will take you from West Railay beach into the bay to transfer to the boat. Watching those with huge suitcases deal with the at-sea transfer is worth the trip alone. Phi Phi itself is actually two islands – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh – Don being the town, Leh a smaller island nearby that encloses the famous Maya bay (used in the film The Beach). Ao Ton Sai (town) is where most of the action happens, a busy, close-packed collection of resorts, guesthouses and huts, ranging from the dirt-cheap to the stupidly expensive. For those looking for a quieter life, other beaches around the circumference of the island offer retreats that offer a more ‘real’ beach experience. Most other beaches will need either a decent walk at low tide or a long-tail to get to, but they are worth the effort if Ao Ton Sai disappoints. Long Beach, a favourite of Rich’s More >