Inca legend says that Viracocha, who created the universe (apparently), emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca and created the sun, hence Isla del Sol. The place is packed with Inca ruins and stunning coastline. There are still about 800 families living on the island, some still working the land, the rest now working the tourist dollar.

Panoramic over Isle del Sol- ( click to zoom )

It has to be mentioned that there are also a fair number of soap dodging hippies on the island. No I don’t want to buy your home-made bracelets, have a wash and control those feral children of yours. Hippies never use to irritate me, I guess it’s me getting old again.

It’s a two hour boat ride from Copacabana, and we decide to head straight to the North of the island,Cha’llapampa, where most of the ruins are in the relative lowland. As we step off the boat it’s like stepping back in time, there are only a few dirt roads between the small houses and huts and donkeys replace cars as the only transport.


The boat arrives at Cha’llapampa at around 10:30am and leaves for the South of the island around 1:30pm, which gives us just enough More >