The bus is leaving Ushuaia for Rio Gallegos at 5am. As the Haush Hostel is only a five minute walk from the petrol station where the buses pick up we set our alarm for 4am and have an earlyish night.

We wake up at 4:42am. After a snap decision that we can still make the bus, we get dressed and pack and stumble our way out of the hostel and run down the hill. I’m sure we woke the other guests in our hostel but I’m also sure they found it amusing, it must have been obvious we were very late for something.

It’s sub-zero outside and we fall into the unheated bus dead on 5am, ready for our 12 hour journey back to Rio Gallegos and then onwards a further four hours to El Calafate. Our first near miss, but it’s not as if our schedule is inflexible. We laugh it off and I promise myself to buy an alarm clock.

El Calafate

El Calafate sits on the edge of the Andes next to a number or large glacial lakes (Lago Argentino being the largest lake in Argentina). Although the glaciers have always been here, it’s only in the last few years that More >