After the Death Road ride, most people catch a bus back to La Paz with the tour company. We however, along with a couple of other guys from our group, had decided to stay in Coroico, the end point for a few days. At little over 1000m above sea level it’s much warmer than La Paz and we’d booked a cabin at the Sol y Luna resort after a couple of recommendations from fellow travellers. The only downside is the numerous fruit flies – you can’t feel them when they bite but they are much more vicious than mosquitoes and leave hard, red lumps that itch for days.

The cabin

There’s not a lot to do in Coroico itself but the surrounding countryside is beautiful and it’s a nice place to spend a few days relaxing. Sol y Luna is a 15 minute walk up the hill from town (I would recommend walking into town but taxiing back) and is a sprawling, rustic outfit, with two outdoor pools, a meditation room, restaurant and individual, self-contained cabins, as well as smaller apartments and rooms in the main house.

Incredible bay windows overlooking the valley

We opted for the Alaya cabin, the furthest up More >