This place is great.

There are two peak seasons in Bariloche – the hot summer and the cold winter ski season. We arrive at the beginning of Autumn and although it should already be cold and raining the sun is still shining and it’s hot. The road into town from Mendoza starts as a bleak ride through featureless shrub land before transforming into lush valleys, with vein like networks of crystal clear rivers. Farms spawn from the river banks with tall deciduous trees guarding the settlements from the wind; the colours are incredible. White tipped grey mountains give way to green moss and scrub, descending into river valleys carpeted with trees turning green to brown to red to yellow. Leah and I have been saying for a few weeks now that it would be nice to leave behind the cities and see a bit of green. We plan to spend four days here at the Northern edge of Patagonia in the heart of the Argentinian Lake District.

Bariloche in the autumn

7km out of town, Hostel Alaska sits a few blocks away from the main road that runs from central Bariloche 20km or so further into the lakes. Directions to most destinations along More >