Welcome to Peru!

We arrived in Arequipa around 6pm on August 15th. As I discovered whilst reading the Lonely Planet on the bus, it was ‘Arequipa Day’, pretty much their biggest festival throughout the whole year. As a result, many of the roads in the centre of town were closed so getting a taxi was a bit hard work and we ended up stuck in traffic for ages, but eventually we arrived at the hostel, a mere four blocks from the main plaza.

Arequipa Cathedral - the main plaza

We decided to head out and investigate if any celebrations were taking place. Luckily, the corner of the plaza near our hostel seemed to be the only access point to the square, and since we’re significantly taller than most Peruvians, we managed to get a decent view of what was going on, despite the huge crowds. There was a huge procession of marching bands, traditional dancers, floats and schools, all making their way through the historical centre. We got chatting to a local and he told us that the procession had been going on since 11am that morning and would continue until around 10pm that night. It was a pretty awesome sight with some More >