Whilst in Buenos Aires we signed up to Groupon. If you’re not from this planet you may not have heard of Groupon. It’s a social offers network delivering a number of “exclusive” deals to your inbox every morning. The offers last for 24 hours and you only get the deal if a specific (not advertised) number of people sign up; you give your card details but are only charged if the quota is met.  It sounds like a scam and some of the deals look too good to be true, but it’s all kosher.  Millions of people use it and although you will read some reports of offers not being fulfilled, Groupon does offer a money back guarantee.

So what can you get? Pretty much anything. From dinners out to teeth whitening, it’s a little bit female orientated with many beauty treatments and products.  The retailers heavily discount the deals, often selling at cost or even a loss. The idea here is to get you through the door or in front of their product. For us, it’s a chance to try something new for next to nothing. www.groupon.com – give it a try!

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