Generally, people are a little strange, we’ve come to realise that on our travels. Not in a racist or derogatory way, just an observation. We think this of them, and they more than likely think the same of us.

Last year we spent Christmas on a lovely island called Koh Lanta in Thailand. For some reason, half the population of Sweden also spend their Christmases there. Head 10 miles in any direction and there’s not a Swede in sight. Why and when they decided to pick this spot who knows, but they also decided on Isla Holbox as well. This place is crawling with delightfully agreeable Swedish folk. Nowhere else in Latin America, just here.  A tiny, mostly unvisited island just three and a half hours from the tourist mecca Cancun. As I was saying, not a complaint, just a strange cultural observation.

Isla Holbox

Holbox (pronounced hol-bosh) is famous for the whale sharks who herd off the shores here. Not whilst we are here though, May through September is best. We are here to continue our wind down to the end of our travels. We are staying in an incredible castle-cum-beach-bum-hostel called Tribu. Probably the most popular spot for backpackers on More >