…for now.

So here we are in Buenos Aires. Six months have passed since we quit our jobs, packed everything up into my mum’s loft, handed in the keys to our flat and left London. So far we have travelled well over 55 thousand kilometres, visited 11 countries, slept in over 80 different beds and spent 15 days on buses – yes I have a database, what did you expect?

Palermo, Buenos Aires

Thailand was as fantastic as ever (if you venture further from the crowds), Vietnam we found hard work, Cambodia was surprisingly comfortable and Laos just stunning. After an unexpected 5 days in London it was off to South America. We found Brazil a bit moody, danced like idiots in Chile, marvelled at the scenery in Patagonia and fell in love with Bolivia.We’ve lost one travelling pillow and a t-shirt and gained more than a few pounds, damn them Thai curries.

Trip History Map

Tiger hugging, elephant washing, tubing and empty amusement parks. Chinese New Year, snake and locust snacks and wild boar massages. Tarantulas, swimming with piranhas, climbing a glacier and sneaking into VIP areas. I’m not going to even start on Bolivia, it’s going to be hard to beat. Follow some of these links for stupid photos…

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